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My paper pumpkin is an amazing all inclusive project kit delivered right to you door every month. It's like having a mini class delivered right to you.

Just some of the benefits with Paper Pumpkin:

  • You will receive a "Special gift" you first month of subscription. 
  • No room, no problem!!! If you don't have a ton of space for supplies. That's fine everything fits in the boxes it came in.
  • No time!, that's fine! All the thinking has been done for you. Instructions always come in each kit.
  • Exclusive products and stamp sets (my personal favorite perk!)
  • Great to do with kids!

The list goes on.......and on....and on......

There are a couple of ways to Subscribe.

1) a 1 month prepaid subscription for $19.95  item # 137858

2) a 3 month prepaid subscription for $59.85 item # 137859

3) a 6 month subscription for $113.70 savings of $1 every month)item # 137860

4) a 12 month subscription for $215.40 savings of $2 every month item # 137861

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Remember all my subscribers receive "happy mail" from me every month you are subscribed.

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